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Adventures in Japanese Cooking

More than just sushi!!

Japanese Recipes - More than just sushi!
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Most Westerners view Japanese cuisine as being nothing more than raw fish and rice. How untrue!! There are so many wonderful things in Japanese cooking!! We are a community dedicated to the pursuit of Japanese food! This community's purpose is to share and discuss Japanese recipies, methods of cooking, experiences, advice, where to buy supplies, etc. Also, the moderator will be posting Japanese recipies at least once a week, so please come, share, comment and enjoy, and by all means try them in your own kitchen!

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Be considerate! No flaming, spamming, etc. Please feel free to post pictures, but make sure they're behind an LJ cut!

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Have fun!!

A bit about the moderator, londons_rose
My name is Aiko, and I have been "into" Japanese cooking for years... I have studied everything I can get my hands on, and even traveled to the cuisine capital of Japan, Kyoto. My Japanese-related cookbooks range from the simple to the extravagent (I have more than 30 of them!!) I adore Japanese food and love sharing my knowledge, learning more and especially I enjoy meeting and sharing with new people!!