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Adventures in Japanese Cooking
December 2011
Japanese Recipes - More than just sushi!
Tue, Aug. 24th, 2010 06:03 pm

I keep seeing these in my local grocery store in Japan. They're called sazae-- but as I grew up in a landlocked state without much fresh seafood I don't even know what one would call them in English, if there even is a translation. But I'm curious about them, especially since I've enjoyed eating a lot of other mollusks.

Has anyone cooked (or even just eaten) sazae? What are they like? Any recipe recommendations?

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Japanese Recipes - More than just sushi!
Wed, Aug. 4th, 2010 10:39 pm

Does anybody have a good recipe for soba?

Sorry if someones already asked this before, I'm new. :3

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Japanese Recipes - More than just sushi!
Mon, Jul. 26th, 2010 12:34 am

I approached this popular Okinawan dish from a different direction than most recipes in this forum. I started off wanting something not-so-Japanese, but because of my resources I ended up with a delicious example of Japanese fusion cuisine!

In the hot weather I've been craving Mexican food, but there aren't any Mexican restaurants where I live in Japan, and it isn't always easy to find Mexican ingredients for cooking, either. My grocery store does not sell tortillas, taco shells, or plain tortilla chips (and only occasionally sells Doritos, lol).

Since there also isn't any pre-made salsa or guacamole, I made my own sort of salsa-guacamole by smashing up an avocado and adding diced tomato and onion along with garlic, salt, and lemon juice. (Next time I also want to add some chilies, since I think I can find some). I then made a taco seasoning from garlic, cumin, and a dash of soy sauce, added it to ground beef, and put the beef along with the guacamole on top of some lettuce and a big bowl of Japanese white rice. Yum yum!

Not the most flattering picture, but you get the ideaCollapse )

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Japanese Recipes - More than just sushi!
Fri, Jul. 16th, 2010 10:57 pm

In Chicago, the weather has been horibly hot, so I thought it would be a nice time to see if anyone had an easy recipy for cold soba noodles to beat the heat with, and I found this one:  http://www.slashfood.com/2007/08/26/potluck-possibility-nigellas-cold-soba-noodles/ Dose anyone else have one they would like to share, or other recipes that don't involve a lot of time spent with a hot stove?

And for the first time ever, I found a store with fresh lychee and splurged on 4 ($2.99 per LB prevented me from getting more of the yummy things). I recommend against trying to slice them more then once to get the skin and seed out of the way. Though they peal and pit much like an avocado, they slice something like peeling a grape and are so juicy they squirt a lot. That said, I am so happy to have had one fresh.


Japanese Recipes - More than just sushi!
Fri, Jul. 16th, 2010 01:33 pm

Hello everyone!

I'm really happy to find a community about Japanese cooking. I love to cook and Japanese recipes are among my favourites. I'm really looking forward to try your recipes and post some of my own. Happy to be here ^^


Japanese Recipes - More than just sushi!
Fri, Jul. 9th, 2010 04:05 pm

Does anyone have a recipe for a simple, warming casserole, soup or stew that I can put daikon and hakurei turnips in? My vegie patch has yielded a fine crop, but I'm not quite sure what to do with it all now!
We have cold winter nights at the moment, so salads aren't a great option, and I'm hoping for something easy to cook, because I'm a bit overstressed at the moment, 3 months pregnant and with a fussy toddler!

Any help is appreciated!


Japanese Recipes - More than just sushi!
Tue, Jun. 15th, 2010 08:24 am

Hey there, long time no see, people!

In a little less than 3 weeks, I will be going to Japan for the second time. Last time I was on my own and staid with a host family for 6 weeks, this time I 'm going with my parents and sister and we're travelling around Japan. The really quick travel schedule: Nikko-Kanazawa-Nagoya-Nara-Kagoshima-Okinawa-Tokyo.

So, last time, I hardly ate out. I was with a host family: I got whatever home cooking my host mother felt up to (she wasn't exactly bad at cooking, but she was certainly no master chef) and the few times I did eat out, I settled for whatever the cheapest dish was that came with soba noodles, because I love soba noodles. Now, of course, I have more freedom in this respect. And I plan to use it ;)

1) I was wondering if any of you have recommendations on what I should eat while in Japan. As in, maybe you've been to Okinawa and there's this great local dish I have to try. Or maybe everyone just gets tonkatsu, but you know this great variation on the dish that is overlooked by most people. Or maybe you just have an absolute favourite Japanese dish that you want me to try while I'm there.

2) For amusement: What was the biggest culinary surprise you had re: Japanese food, either in Japan or abroad? Share your anecdotes! For me, it's a tie between fried jellyfish (I didn't know there was enough substance to a jelly fish to fry it) and my host father happily eating only the heads of a particular fish, first pulling out the eyes with his chopsticks.

Thank you for all your input!

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Japanese Recipes - More than just sushi!
Thu, May. 13th, 2010 08:44 pm

Hi, first time posting, so excuse any bad manners (etiquette,grammar, spelling) from me.
Thought it would be interesting to mention that a new type of gyoza (dumplings) has been thought to be the next fad in Japan.
Article is from here http://sankei.jp.msn.com/life/lifestyle/100506/sty1005061130000-n1.htm.
Sorry, I can only find Japanese article. Basically, this home recipe has thought to have existed around for 30 years only within the small community of Takatsuki city in Osaka. Then a group of people decided to make it an iconic food for the city, and appeal to the tourists.


After, reading couple of Japanese blogs, here are the base of the ingredients

+INGREDIENTS OF DUMPLINGS (such as pork mince, crushed garlic or ginger, soy sauce, rice wine etc etc - I like to add miso pickled cabbage, five chinese spice and fish sauce to mine)
+ EGGS (1 or 2, depending on how much you make)
+ UDON (" " " ")
+ POTATO STARCH (katakuriko)- I've still yet to find out approx how much you put in.

THEN MIX IT ALL TOGETHER AND PAN FRY IT. Serve with your favourite dumpling sauce.

If you add flour and water and heaps of cabbage to the mix it'll turn into okonomiyaki.

I was making pork buns this afternoon, and had too much of the pork mince left over so this recipe was perfect for me! The pic above is my first attempt at it.

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Japanese Recipes - More than just sushi!
Tue, Apr. 27th, 2010 05:28 pm

Hello! Let's play "What Did I Eat at the Japanese Restaurant?" There are some items that I'd love to find or try to make at home, but I don't know what they actually are, so no real way to start.

Mystery 1: Awesome Soup.
My family and I used to go to an awesome Japanese restaurant that served up some wonderful soups. I think the soup I always liked to get was either Sukiyaki or Mizutaki, but it came with a light tan sauce that one poured into the clear soup to make it awesome. This sauce was lightly sweet, probably involved miso, and would have made a good salad dressing, if it wasn't also used for salad dressing, itself. What what what was it? I would LOVE to make this soup at home.

Mystery 2: Delicious Fruit thing.
This one dates back to the 80s when I was a small child, at a different Japanese restaurant. With one's sushi plate came a small fruit that looked like a red grape. It may have been canned or preserved in some way. I thought maybe it was a plum, but it was sweet and not salty at all. Any guesses?

I wish I could go back to the restaurants and ask what these delicious items are, but sadly, they are in California, and I'm now in Arizona.

EDIT: I now think the soup was mizutaki with a sauce that involves egg, oil, sour cream, mirin, and such. Here is a recipe. I'd thought it was sesame or miso based, but perhaps it really was closer to mayo!


Japanese Recipes - More than just sushi!
Mon, Apr. 26th, 2010 11:08 pm
Hi guys,

Sorry for the awkward first post, but I could've sworn I'd seen a recipe for a dessert of red bean and sweet rice here? Can anyone link me to it?